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1 x 10" (25cm) Shielded Neodymium 8 driver.

HF 1 x 1" throat driver + Low Distortion Constant Directivity Asymmetrical Dispersion Horn.

Height x Width x Depth

515mm x 316mm x 277 mm (20.28" x 12.44" x 10.91").


14 kg (31 lbs).


2 x NL4MP Speakon 4 pole.


Baltic Birch Ply finished with textured black coating.


2 Metal recessed pockets.

Front finish

Moulded Dark Grey Metal Grill.

Flying Points

One plate connecting with external accessories.

Stand fittings

Built in Steel Stand Fitting, (35mm / 1 3/8").

SPECIFICATIONS PS10-R2 with PS10 TDController-R2

Frequency Response

65 Hz - 20 kHz 3dB.

Usable Range @-6dB

58 Hz - 21 kHz.

Sensitivity 1W @ 1m

99 dB SPL Nominal 97 dB SPL Wideband.

Nominal Peak SPL @ 1m

129 to 132 dB Peak.

HF Dispersion

50 to 100 Hor. x 55 Vert. Rotatable Horn, 4 positions.

Directivity Q & DI

Q : 16 Nominal DI : 12 dB Nominal.

( f > 3 kHz )

Crossover Frequencies

2 kHz Passive.

Nominal Impedance


Recommended Amplifiers

500 to 1250 W / 8 .


Electronic Controller

The PS10 TDController-R2 is precisely matched to the PS10-R2 & LS600 cabinets and includes

sophisticated protection systems. Using PS10-R2 & LS600 without a properly connected PS10

Dispersion configuration

TDController-R2 will result in poor sound quality and can damage the components.

After dismounting front grill from its fixings, the HF Horn can be rotated in 4 positions for

dispersion configuration.


The PS10-R2 can be used without optional LS600 Sub-Bass. Active two-way operation with the

LS600 is included in the PS10 TDController-R2. One LS600 matches 2 x PS10-R2, additional LS600

may be used for enhanced LF capability.

Speaker Cables

PS10-R2 are wired 2- & 2+ on Speakon connectors, LS600 on 1- & 1+. Loop through Speakons are

present on both. Single identical cables can thus be used to loop through combinations of up to 2 x

PS10-R2 & 1 x LS600 in no particular order.



PS10-R2 is packaged as a single product.

Shipping Weight&Volume

17.3 kg (38 lbs) / 0.169 cubic metres (5.96 cubic feet).


A full selection of mounting Accessories is available, please contact your Nexo Agent for details.

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