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  GEO M1220
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ξ Ŀ GEO M1210 & MSUB18 Բ ˴ϴ.

GEO M1220  ̸, ν GEO M1220-I Acoustic fabricԴϴ



▪ Powerful line array element that can be stacked or flown, with or without its companion sub the MSUB18

▪ Integrated rigging hardware with no loose part and AutoRigTM feature

▪ Incorporates latest NEXO patented technology from the flagship STM series

▪ Comprehensive range of versatile, multifunction accessories for deploying the GEO M12 in a wide variety of applications

▪ Available in black, white and custom RAL colours


Frequency Response @-6 dB50 Hz to 20 kHz
Sensitivity 1W@1m105 dB SPL Nominal
Peak SPL@1m140 dB
Vertical Dispersion20
Horizontal Dispersion80 / 120
Passive Mode Crossover Frequency1.1 kHz
Nominal ImpedanceActive mode: (8  LF + 16  HF) / Passive mode: 8
Recommended PowerActive mode: (1250 Watts LF + 625 W HF) / Passive mode: 1250 Watts

LF Component1 x 12 8 Ohms long excursion Neodymium driver with PDDTM
HF Component1 x 3 voice coil 1.4 throat driver on a BEA/FEA optimized HR WavesourceTM
Height x Width x Depth370mm x 700mm x 446 mm (14.6 x 27.6 x17.6)
Weight: Net34 kg (75 lbs)
Connectors2 x NL4, 4 poles connectors
Connectors pinoutPassive mode: (1+/1- Through, 2+/2- GEO M12) / Active Mode: (1+/1- LF, 2+/2- HF)
Active / Passive mode selectionRuggedized, recessed, waterproof 2 position switch
ConstructionLightweight Polyurethane Composite
Fittings2 x Side handles horizontal + back grip
Front FinishSteel front grill + back mesh
Operating temperature range0C - 40 C (32 F - 104 F)
Storage temperature range-20 C - 60 C (-4 F - 140 F)
Recommended powering solutionNXAMP4x4 Powered TDcontroller: 3 x GEO M12 per channel
Optional powering solutionNXAMP4x2mk2 Powered TDcontroller: 1 x GEO M12 per channel
NXAMP4x1mk2 Powered TDcontroller (Bridged): up to 2 x GEOM12 per channel


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