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305 x 305 x 305mm의 크기에 8kg의 무게에 불과한 ID14의 전용 서브는, 8 인치 네오디늄 롱 익스커션 드라이버를  채택한 고효율 베이스 리플렉스 디자인을 적용하였습니다. Touring 버전에는 2 개의 Speakon® 커넥터가 있는 연결 플레이트 1 개와, 전면 Magnelis 스틸 그릴이 있습니다.
다음 사양은 Touring version이며 Install version의 전면 마감은 UV Resistant acoustic fabric fitted Magnelis® front grill입니다.

High power, compact sub that can be stacked or hanged, with or without its companion main element the ID14
Light and easy to hang with dedicated bracket
Touring version with Magnelis steel grille and Speakon connectivity
Comprehensive range of accessories for deploying the IDS108 in a wide variety of applications

Frequency Response @-6 dB50 Hz to 150 Hz
Sensitivity 1W@1m95 dB
Peak SPL@1m122 dB
Available Crossover Frequencies50 – 120 Hz, 50 – 150 Hz
Nominal Impedance8 Ohms
Recommended Power300 to 500 Watts / 8 Ohms
Component1 x 8” 8 Ohms long excursion Neodymium driver
Connectors2 x NL4, 4 poles connectors (1+/1- IDS108 / 2+/2- Through)
Rigging points2x M10 Threaded inserts + 2 x M6 threaded inserts
ConstructionBaltic Birch Plywood
FinishBlack or White structural paint
Front FinishMagnelis® front grill with back mesh
Operating temperature range0°C - 40 °C (32° F - 104° F)
Storage temperature range-20 °C - 60 °C (-4 ° F - 140° F)
Height x Width x Depth305mm x 307mm x 305mm
Weight: Net8 kg
Recommended powering solutionDTDcontroller + DTDAMP4x0.7 : up to 2 x IDS108 per channel
Optional powering solutionDTDcontroller + DTDAMP4x1.3 : up to 2 x IDS108 per channel
NXAMP4x1mk2 Powered TDcontroller: up to 3 x IDS108 per channel
NXAMP4x2mk2 Powered TDcontroller: up to 4 x IDS108 per channel
NXAMP4x4mk2 Powered TDcontroller: up to 4 x IDS108 per channel

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