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High Power 12" Loudspeaker

FOH 또는 고출력 스테이지 모니터 시스템으로 기능하는 QM12MP는 좌우 미러링 버전으로 제공됩니다. 권장되는 앰프 전력은 매우 우수한 500W RMS입니다. Pole 장착 및 Aero-track 플라이웨어는 QM12MP를 다양하게 활용할 수 있습니다.


Power Handling:500W
Frequency response:65 - 20 kHz
Max SPL@1m:128dB
Connections:2x Speakon. NL4.
Midrange Woofer:1x Quest-designed 12" high-powered mid-bass woofer
Tweeter:High-powered driver 1.4" throat exit with 3" voice coil
Stand Fitting:36mm pole fitting
Speaker Cables:2- Speakon NL-4 wired 1- and 1+ on the input connector. Connectors are wired in parallel
Directivity:90° x 60° Bi-radial horn
Operating Temperature Range:-10°C - 55°C
Dimensions HxWxD390mm x 340mm x 600mm
Net Weight:23Kg



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